Lanhua Plastics & Molds Factory has been a specialist manufacturer and designer of various plastic molds since 1992. It's technology team consisting of nearly 40 technicians amongst its 120 employees and state-of-the-art precision machining facilities including NC plano milling machines, vertical machining centers, CNC EDMs, and linear cutting machines in addition to three-coordinates inspection equipment have contributed much to its current leading position in Huangyan, the recognized Land of Molds & Dies in China.

With the High-Tech, High-Quality and High-performance-service oriented mission, and being the pioneer to employ hot runner molding technology in China, Lanhua has spared no effort in the application of latest high technologies. Thanks to the latest engineering systems of CAD/CAM/CAE, our strong expertise in the manufacturing of complex, precision and large size molds with deep cavities and thin walls, particularly those injection molds such as washing machines, electric rice cookers, refrigerators, auto-bumpers, dashboards and interior trims , has been extensively recognized in the industry .

As an ISO9001 approved business, our unchanged focus on technology updating, internal quality management and manufacturing workmanship improvement and unremitting efforts in quality ensuring and energy saving to meet the most stringent demands of customers have won us such renowned long-term partners as Japan based Panasonic, China-based Little Swan, Xiaoya Group, FAW Volkswagen, and Indonesia-based MASPIO GROUP .

Our molds' features: high precision, extended service life, short lead-time, competitive cost, prompt delivery, and excellent after services.
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